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-Arrow Shaft (x3)Branch
(Crafting and Cooking with Maradino)Ingredients
-Branch (2x) + Wood ChipsLog
Hand Axe
(The Adventurer's Field Guide V)Ingredients
Crafting 2Crossbow Without a BowstringIron Bar
(The String Enthusiast I)Ingredients
Crafting 1BowBowstring
(The String Enthusiast I) (C5: Dexterity, Max Action Points, or Speed bonus)Weapons
-Nail-Fortified BranchBranch
Nine Inch Nails
(The Adventurer's Field Guide I)Weapons
Crafting 5Shambling Oak Death WandBranch
Tenebrium Ore
(Talk to Hilda in Hiberheim) (Use it to kill Shambling Oaks)Weapons
Crafting 1SpearBranch
(The Adventurer's Field Guide I) (C5: Critical Chance or Damage bonus)Weapons
Crafting 2StaffBranch
(Crafting and Cooking with Maradino, The Adventurer's Field Guide VI) (C3-4: Lucky Charm bonus. C5: Intelligence, Lucky Charm, or Max Action Points bonus.)Weapons